Rock symbolizes strength, reliability and is a tremendous source of reassurance.

Rockwool, as an organization, aligns itself very closely to the properties of the "Rock" which is the raw material that goes into the manufacturing of Rockwool products.

Rockwool believes that everything in the universe can be insulated. And the possibilities of insulation and the glorious outcomes are limitless.From being instrumental in conservationof energy, insulation could work wonders for the optimization of available resources and prudent usage.

As a name to reckon with in the industry, Rockwool prides itself on the quality of its people, infrastructure, processes and technology.

The commitment to redefine the existing industry benchmarks and the core competitive advantage that Rockwool possesses is in fact a testimony to some of the time-tested philosophies that have become a part of the company's corner-stones of growth.

The lasting relationships that was built over time, the continuous innovation, the unique expertise in the field, the adherence to high quality standards, the impeccable track-record built over the years, the complete trust that it inspires, have been at the fore-front of Rockwool's success and growth.

It is this strength of character and resolve that shapes our identity - that inspires us to believe that "We make the difference".

Nation wide presence

The Rockwool India has a nation-wide network of sales offices, distributors and partners ensuring that its rockwool products reach all parts of India . Group headquarters and the R&D and environmental departments are based in Zaheerabad near Hyderabad ( City of pearls ).

Environmental advantages
Rockwool insulation is one of few products that can save more than 100 times the energy used for its manufacture. It conserves scarce energy resources and reduces air pollution and CO2 emissions by minimizing the combustion of fuel.

One of the most vital properties of Rockwool is its ability to withstand temperatures of more than 1000°C. Properly used, Rockwool acts as a fire resistant barrier, which can provide those vital extra minutes for rescuing people.

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